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Mike's Winter Outlook

Mike's 14th Annual Winter Outlook -- Coming in November!

Review of Mike's 13th Annual Winter Outlook

Here's a look back at how last winter played out with respect to the outlook...


Average Temp:     41.0°F
Forecast:              38.2°F  (-2° to -4°)
December 2013:   43.8°F  (+2.8°)

Precipitation:       Average

December 2013:  6.11" (+2.85")

Overall:  Quite a bit warmer and wetter than expected.



Average Temp:     37.9°F
Forecast:              35.6°F (-2° to -3°)
January 2014:      33.7°F (-4.2°)

Precipitation Forecast:  Average

January 2014:                 3.28" (+0.24")

Overall:  Good forecast, colder than average temps with near average precipitation.


Average Temp:       41.0°F
Forecast:                 41.7°F  (average to +1°)
February 2014:       39.8°F  (-1.2°)

Precipitation Forecast:  Slightly above average
February 2014:                3.03" (+0.27")

Overall:  Temperatures off a little bit, came in slightly colder than expected...precipitation right on target.

OVERALL (December/January/February combined)

Temperature Forecast: 
Below average
Actual Temperatures:    Below average

Precipitation Forecast:  
Actual Precipitation:      12.42" (3.36" above average)


Richmond "Best Guess"    15"
Actual Season Snowfall     14.5" (4.2" above the average)

Snowfall forecast right on target!


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